My name is Maria Morrow (Flores Flores) and I am 23 years old from Houston, Texas. I recently made the hardest decision of my life to choose my passion and being able to express myself freely over the awfully tempting curse that money is. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always found ways to express my art in different forms such as poetry and story writing. In off times, I found myself breaking down other people’s art, especially in the city of Houston and from individuals starting out, like myself, finding themselves and yearning for society to discover what makes them special. In the attempt to set myself apart from all other candidates and shine the spotlight on amazing and new Houston artists, I came up with this blog, A Garden of Brains, which stands for a pool of brilliant ideas. In my blog I will be sharing interviews and collaborations with unknown and new artist starting from our city, Houston, and all it’s surroundings to the rest of the world. But not only that! I’m bringing you topics such as music, art, photography/videography, sex, food, popular restaurants/bars, I’m talking everything YOU want to know! Want to bring up a topic for A Garden of Brains? Gotcha! I am all ears for suggestions, questions and concerns! Want to fall in love with who you are, where you are and who surrounds you? You’re in the perfect place. Lets help each other grow! Merry meet, merry part & merry meet again!


Flores Flores