Planning for Playa Del Carmen, QR, MX

Ahhhh… Playa Del Carmen. The beautiful beaches, the soft sand slowly traveling between your toes as you walk towards the breathtaking blue sea… it is the life everyone deserves to experience. I’m telling you guys, the pictures do it no justice at all. I planned this trip to Quintana Roo, MX with the help of my husband and all under $1500. 

Let me try to break it down for you:

$565.40 – for round trip flights for two (taxes included) to Cancun International Airport

$541.93 – for our 2 bedroom Airbnb with private terrace and pool (around $90/ night) off Quinta Avenida and included round trip to and from airport in a private shuttle

$300 – including food, beer/ alcohol, snacks, candy, 3 nights dinning out, and souvenirs/ t- shirts we brought back for ourselves and family. 

A couple things to take into account: 

First, our flights were pretty pricey for the time of year we went (October 9-14) and for Cancun in general. As of today, I’ve found flights for $165 round trip (taxes not included) and I would be lying if it’s not always like this with Cancun flights. I see deals ALL THE TIME. A great tip is to save as much money possible and kind of wait out and see if you can get a cheaper price. It can be risky and your time must be flexible but this can almost guarantee you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Second, we got a slightly larger place because we were sharing with my brother and his lady friend. I’ve found better deals for a gorgeous one bedroom Airbnb right off Quinta Avenida as well which is where you want to be. Quinta Avenida is where all the dope bars and restaurants are at, including the very own Guy Fieri’s restaurant right off the beach with yummy food and awesome drinks for a decent price ($1 margaritas on Wednesday for the ladies 😉 ). This street also right off the beach and it has lots of stores where you can buy souvenirs to bring back for a fair price. It is a great idea if you’re renting an Airbnb to try to stay as close to this street as possible. 

We didn’t need to hop on a taxi at all during our trip because of how close in proximity we were to everything however, if you do depend on their services I do advice for you to ask your host for a trusted taxi service before hand and even a trusted individual driver for a peace of mind. Sadly, the situation in Mexico does not always exclude the high populated tourist areas and although no violent behavior has been recorded, it is always a smart choice to be proactive and take the proper precautions for a safety trip. Always be aware of your surroundings and if you are staying at an Airbnb and drinking out, don’t walk alone, get on a taxi alone, always work in pairs! 

On a lighter note, the last thing I’d like for you to take into account besides the location, is the amount of money you’ll be saving by cutting everything in chunks. What I mean by this is when you’re planning a trip, it can be exhausting to think of all the to-do list in general instead of taking it all in slowly and individually. If you focus on getting the flights first, typically the more pricier part of the trip planning, you can’t set a deadline and in consequence, your mind is more motivated to meet that goal and so on and so forth. 

Summarizing with tips:

– always be on the lookout on flights to compare prices. Although prices do change almost daily, you have a better chance at planning if you have a set number to base your savings on. The price usually fluctuates in $100 off or on… so for example, $165, the price for flights RT today to Cancun, that’s god damn cheap! However, we don’t always have the money to drop on a flight like that, just plan ahead, add about $100-$150 to your goal and you’re set. Keeping up with flights on a regular even if you’re not going to buy, gives you a better chance at meeting your goal than trying to aim at no target at all. It gives you a better sense of how it usually rolls out.

– look at Airbnb reviews! Make sure if you’re using Airbnb, you have a solid confirmation you will be getting what you’re paying for, good service, and good location and product above all! Do your research on the area, don’t jump into something unknown.

– Ask your host on Airbnb before hand if they include RT rides to and from airport. It is one of the many benefits of booking a hotel instead but what you don’t know is many Airbnb hosts include the service! It is the safest way to get to and from Playa Del Carmen to CIA. 

– DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MONEY AT THE AIPORT. They over charge for the exchange and there are many places where you can exchange your dollars for pesos without being cheated! We brought cash ($300) and only exchanged $200. We were able to go out on 3 separate occasions as well as buy food for our place for the whole week and alcohol, snacks, souvenirs, and all that’s mentioned above! 

– PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Be smart about everything you do. Make sure you are never away from crowded/ tourist areas. 

I hope you guys have taken a little something from this post and I’ve facilitated your life for even a second with these tips. Thanks so much and please share!


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