Monday Night Vibes: Bacco’s Wine Bar

Every once in a while, I find something that works for me and I tend to stick with it. I am trying my best, though, lately to be more adventurous and more outgoing when making plans for the weekend. It’s so tempting to just stay home (SAVE MONEY) and enjoy a good show, sometimes it’s honestly all you need. Once it becomes a routine, though, it’s so hard to get out of it! I noticed I had been slacking in living my life to the very fullest lately, and to be honest, it kind of terrified me. You see, I’m an adventure seeker. Whether it’s on TV, or outdoors, I love a new experience and the learning that comes along. So when I was staying home for the last two weekends in a row (after the amazing camp out the weekend before) I sort of started missing the green. This is where Bacco’s Wine Bar & Spirits, which is now one of my safety nets, came to play.

I first learned about Bacco’s less than about a year ago through my mother in law. She had offered to host my bridal shower in September and had actually been a guest for a company’s party before. She described it as a cozy rustic-like bar in the middle of the city and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t heard about it yet. She urged us to check it out that night and we were up for a date night so we said WHAT THE HELL?! –LETS DO THIS!

The place is sort of hidden right before Kirby Dr. but if you follow your GPS (oh! My dear millennial!) it will lead you straight to it! Now, my first immediate thought was, CUTE! It has a patio area by the entrance surrounded by green. You enter the bar and there are very comfy couches everywhere decorated with simply adorable colorful cushions.There is a book shelf with a few selections just in case you’re in the mood for a good read form their small selection. There’s also a great selection of board games for you to choose from so bringing your squad is IDEAL!

The drink menu has both mixes and a great wine selection! BUT WAIT! THERE”S MORE (LOL)! They also have meat and cheeses to pair up with your wine as well as other items you might enjoy such as pizza with awesome Greek Mythology tittles and references even the name is well deserving of this cool spot (Bacco was the Greek Mythology God of wine and fertility).

The owner (I’m so bad with names), is so incredibly nice and gave us a tour of the place once we started a conversation with him the first time we visited to plan for the bridal shower. He informed us about the new party room (that smelled wonderful with the intoxicating smell cedar, ugh! I Just love it) that opened up to another patio seating area outside as well as their previous choice for a party room located across from the bar. The place is so unbelievably chill, you won’t want to leave, it’s so easy to get comfortable! The staff is so accommodating and every single time we’ve gone there, we fall in love more and more!

Please don’t waste your time and visit this beautiful bar. They have such amazing vibes and it won’t be much different than being at home, I promise you! Keep exploring Houston, and if you find something as bad ass as Bacco’s, let me know! I want to expand my horizons and rediscover Houston with you <3. If you’ve been to Baccos’ please don’t forget to share your experience in a comment below or DM me on IG :).

Here’s a few pictures/ vid from my bridal shower & recent visit to Bacco’s Wine Bar & Spirits:


​Monday Night Vibes


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