Power to the People

I will not be ashamed of my beautiful brown skin.

You will not put a pause on my vibes because you are afraid of my pride.

Pride is what how I live by. Pride is the reason I wake up every morning and make an effort to keep going.

I am proud of my culture, I am proud of my language, I am proud of the magical native Mexican-Indian blood that runs through my veins.

I am proud of the hardship and the sweat and tears we have put in our home. I am proud of the flag waving in front of my home.

I am proud and that’s what scared you.

You are terrified of the awe in my pride because you know what it can do, it can inspire.

Inspiration however, can be found in everything.

God knows if I was weaker your pathetic attempts would be enough but there is a universe and there is truth to all.

There is inspiration in fear, in love, in the pursuit of happiness and this is not the end for my people.

We will be free once again, we will be stronger too.

We have done so much to let it go to waste, this is OUR home and we are not going anywhere.

This is our life and we are entitled.


You’ve engraved the idea of independence of thought inside of everyone of my neighbors so why should my spirits be tamed?

I will use the power of my mind to create beauty and love and happiness and peace because anything is possible, I am here.

I will not give up because I know how much  the world needs me to compliment the sun.

I rule this world and you will help me make a place for me in it. Give me back my throne!


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