Dear Mother Earth

Mother Earth,

Kind words leading to hunger for love available at all times

You calm my soul, you feed me life

Your fruits always well, and its trees provide shade

Your arms are my shelter helping me climb to tomorrow

Your breathe is never wasted, I carry it with me at all times

Your legs are tired but you never stop moving

I worry for you, I worry for us

Humble earth, I don’t deserve your shelter

We count stars countless times counteracting against counts of selfish evil

Your harmony is contagious,

Your wave length is my melody,

Mother Earth, oh Mother Earth, your love is endless.


Today I find myself overwhelmed with excitement for the next time being. Have you ever been so happy, so damn happy you try calming down but the adrenaline rush is so much to handle? A simple conversation with a soul who not only inspires me, but destiny keeps me from forgetting, does it for me. I cry, I laugh, I love, I hate because everything is possible with the help of security, I believe in you, you believe in me. Balance, that’s who you are Virgo.


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