My Pedals Scatter Behind Me

I don’t wanna be free,

I clearly don’t wanna escape insanity,

Grasping for a natural hold away from this hell

The comfort has left me behind

the tears won’t stop running from me,

and the waves in my brain mimic the rhythm of disappointment breaking the bliss

I don’t know whats real or what’s not

what’s living inside my head and my heart?

pollution got to my being

my soul doesn’t want to admit it’s illness

I hide in response to the stares

Judging every petal I pull away from my soul only to add to the misery

I feel naked, yet completely in disguise

I try to peal each level off me only failing by discovering new ones.

I am a flower

I am blossoming

what does that mean?

I am growing, experiencing the life within myself,

brightening up the light once dimmed by society

I feed myself with endless possibilities of love and adventure

Adventures to the impossible opening doors to the possible

My mind is awake as I experiment with myself

feeling every inch of sensation from growing and learning

But I knew, this seems too familiar

The truth is far from me but I’m getting closer

and I remember it

I pick up what’s left and join my tears, away from this hell.




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