An Interview with Tiaramy Maloy Pt. 2

As I approached Tiaramy, the first thing I thought was, “Woah! She is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!” She welcomed me with a big, warm smile and I immediately felt like I was at home. Once my questionnaire started, the very first question I was dying to ask Tiaramy was: When did you find out music and acting was your passion? I was intrigued by the sound of her voice and the way she immediately lit up the room. People were coming out from all over the restaurant to the patio just to watch her perform. Tiaramy had a cute little story she wanted to share about her first performance, which happened to be the moment she realized this is exactly what she wanted to do.

“[At] five years old at [my] church, [where] my daddy and my mom both sang, [while] in the youth choir…I got a solo singing “Jesus Loves Me”. [I cried and] didn’t even [finish] the song, I cried as soon as I got on the stage” devastated, she found comfort in her mother who then assured her, “you just have to keep singing [and] keep practicing, you’re a little girl so your voice will develop”. Big dreamer Tiaramy worked her little butt off and even though her voice was, “very weak and shaky”, she didn’t let it discourage her. By her 9th grade in high school, she was writing music and developing as an artist.


When you dare to dream, there are many obstacles that present themselves on the road to your goal. I then dared to ask the number one question many dreamers dread to ask themselves: What kind of sacrifices have you had to make to follow your passion?

Tiaramy has decided to full on follow her dreams and dedicate her days to getting closer to them. She is a very well educated black woman who made the decision of going to school and get a degree. Even though she is “not utilizing it, [she has] a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television, Directing & Production” she sometimes incorporates her knowledge in her work to promote herself.

She explains:

“I still utilize the free-lance edit [in] music videos but I basically have made myself uncomfortable with my financial state to the point where it’s do or die; you don’t have a choice, you have to make it. I didn’t want to get a regular/traditional 9-5 because I knew I would get comfortable with the money and I would probably stop following my passion.”


Amazed with her thought process and the way she pushes herself to not give up, even if it’s clearly easy for her to be comfortable with a “regular life”, I couldn’t help but ask her about her motivation: What is your goal? What are you doing to get there?

“My goal has never been to be famous, the goal has always been to do what I love and make a living off it, a comfortable living, and be able to put others in position [to do what they’re passionate about] whatever it is they do… My goal is definitely to be more than just a public figure, I want to be a motivational speaker [and] an inspiration…I’m not like those artist that say “I’m not a role model”, I am a role model… I’ve worked in education so kids, the youth and future [it’s] really something I am really passionate about.”


Watching this amazing girl live her ultimate dream, I was curious about the people in her life and just what keeps her motivated and raised this next question…

Who would you say is your number one inspiration?

“My number one inspiration has to be my mom. I’ve watched her sing in singing groups [but she didn’t] get to do it full time as she wanted…she had a child and was thinking about the sacrifice she would have to make [by being] separated from me. I feel like it’s my duty to make sure that I make it happen, not only for me but for her”


Since Tiaramy is from Houston, TX (North, Greenspoint area), I went ahead and asked her about her favorite thing about Houston:

“Houston [is] home. All my family…and support… [is here]… I love Houston because I get a lot of love [from the people here]”

Tiaramy isn’t the one to worry about her haters and had a very important message to share that we all might want to take notes on:

“I don’t [ever worry] about who is not supporting me, I just live to love.”


With so much hustle to be done, Tiaramy is so optimistic about her future and shared her goals for the next few years to come and what she will try to do differently:

“The goal for the next few years is to just keep establishing myself with my acting [and music career]. For a long time [I focused on] one thing…and… noticed that when I… do multiple things at a time, I get better results, so that’s [definitely] something that I would change. I feel like if I would have doing [both acting and singing]… at the same time, I might have been ahead…  [But,] God does everything for a reason, [and] if I wasn’t ready [then], I am ready now.”


Nothing is slowing Tiaramy down so don’t even try it!

Tiaramy is a working inspiration to many young women in the process of finding themselves and taking that step forward by working towards their overall goal, utilizing their individual art.


We are so excited for this gorgeous Houstonian, inside and out, and her upcoming project.

Tiaramy will be starring in the reality show, The Battle of the Ex Besties”, premiering on the channel, Oxygen, and has invited A Garden of Brains to the viewing party this February 14th, 2017, so we will be covering it and will surely have the scoop! STAY TUNED IN!

Tiaramy, on behalf of A Garden of Brains, we wish you so much love and positive vibes in the years to come. We can’t wait to see you at your full potential shinning like the star you were born to be and track your moves on your way up. Please continue to bring hopes to all of us who have decided dreaming is the only way to get where we are and never change that beautiful soul, good luck chula!


Never want to miss Tiaramy Maloy’s moves? Follow her on IG: @1tiaramy

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Sneak Peak to The Battle of the Ex Besties​​ ​​

UPDATE 2017:

Since our last interview in November, Tiaramy has released a new single, Tell Me, that has us bumping heads and swinging hips! Serious, this girl’s vocals are unreal! Get a little taste with this video:

… and if it tickles your peach, you can download this jam at:



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