Houston – Lawndale Art Center: Dia de los Muertos (Friday, November 5, 2016)


Picture of altar in Lawndale Art Center: Dia de los Muertos, taken Friday, November 5, 2016, containing photographs of lost loved ones shared by families in our community.

Walking into Lawndale Art Center to be welcomed by the same altar you have before you, felt like a dream. The silence that surrounded gave it a more magical feel and overwhelmed me with emotions ranging from happiness to excitement to sadness to pride. Being born to Mexican parents, I am able to appreciate the Mexican culture and take great pride in my roots. However, I am not just Mexican, I am Mexican-American and, unfortunately, I don’t get to enjoy a lot of Mexico’s old and new traditions or take part of it’s rituals as often as you’d think. Lawndale Art Center gave everyone the opportunity to bring your family and get a taste of what it is to experience such beautiful time of year and brought out our community’s talented artist to share their work in honor of Dia de los Muertos at totally free of admission! On Friday, November 5th, 2016, Lawndale Art Center set up a great selection of art pieces created by our community and held a silent auction giving us a chance to decorate our homes with our favorite piece! The minimum amount asked for was only $25! Even though I did not find out about it until that Friday, the celebration at Lawndale started on October 31st and ended Saturday, November 6th. I am so bummed out I couldn’t make it Saturday for the family hands-on workshops they had planned for us along with the Mixteco Ballet Folklorico performance by children, I’m sure was amazing! A large number of pieces did not have names or information about the artist at all, so I was kind of sad about however, as the great Shakespeare once wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”! There wasn’t a hostess leading you to where you needed to be on Friday, so I was confused as to where to go after admiring the altar, but the place is pretty small and I got the hang of it right away! Overall, I am so blessed to have been a part of one of the most colorful and soul-full events and I advice you to take a trip next year and experience for yourself! Until then, here are a couple photos of my favorite pieces! Enjoy!

-Flores Flores


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Woah! Don’t go anywhere yet! With the election and the last day to practice your right to vote being tomorrow, I thought you’d enjoy this particular piece. Please go out there and vote guys, we weren’t just given this right, people fought and died for it! No matter who you are voting for, as a citizen, it is your responsibility to VOTE!




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